What I do

What I do

About me

My name is Matthew, I run Behind The Lens Photography and I'm passionate about, well... photography. I love photography with all its shapes, colours, creativity but most of all its ability to connect.

I love capturing people doing their thing, from partying and acting to doing sport or just relaxing. From time to time I scale tall buildings (literally) and run workshops and Instawalks to share and learn.  I have been actively taking pictures since 2006, although photography has interested me since my teenage years.

My experience lends itself to working in low-light conditions without a flash; outdoors or indoors at events and functions and amongst children of all ages. I primarily work in the Gauteng area but have done work all over South Africa.

What I do

Behind The Lens can assist you with photographs for any of the following. If need be we bring in additional resources and other photographers to ensure we get the job done right!

  • Children's birthday parties;
  • Adult celebrations / birthday parties;
  • Farewell parties;
  • Corporate functions;
  • Baby showers;
  • Stork parties;
  • Family functions;
  • Corporate profile head shots;
  • Real estate and venues;
  • Promotional videos;
  • Custom greetings and social media;

For examples of work, please see the Behind The Lens portfolio of photographs as well as Behind The lens Photography services.


Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.

—Dorothea Lange