Photo videos

Photo videos

How much can you fit into a minute? We think a lot, so much so we've taken a few of our shoots and turned them into 60 second promotional clips. With attention spans waning, these are ideal to promote your product or get a message out. They come with great soundtracks too!

Green Mountain 2016

The 2016 Green Mountain art event is a celebration of the Crocodile River Reserve – where we've come from and where we are going. We invite you to craft, sculpt through land-art, paint, and photograph.

Gawie Joubert Biophilia

Join the artist, Gawie Joubert, in an exploration of his own identity. Though his ink and charcoal figures, Gawie interweaves his understanding of himself in relation to nature and memory.

Turbine Art Fair 2016

The Turbine Art Fair  in 60 seconds. Turbine Hall is the place, located in Johannesburg’s Newtown Cultural Precinct and run by the Forum Company. Previously a power generating station, the refurbished modern space is the perfect place for an art fair - offering a delicious dance and interplay of old and new.


Maboneng means place of light and it's a wonderful example in Eastern Johannesburg of what's possible when people, community, local government and business mix it up.

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.

—Aaron Siskind